KangerTech Vape was one of the first companies to focus on electronic cigarettes. With its launch in 2007, this Shenzhen, China manufacturer became a leading innovator in the space. I have owned many of their items from mods to vape tanks, and have enjoyed each and every one.

Over the year, the brand has also invested in design and expanding color options. With the growing list of products in the market, millions around the world have enjoyed the experiences they offer. Kanger has released best selling items like the Nebox and the Kbox vape mods.

Over the past year, they have brought their innovative abilities into the pod mod category.


They offer a wonderful and useful warranty to ensure your product lives up to your expectations. Warranty information is below.

KangerTech Warranty Information:

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3) Authenticity code / Security label http://qr.szkanger.com
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