JUUL is the global leader in ultra-portable vape devices. With the best selling salt nicotine pods in the world, they set the standard. JUUL offers a USB shaped device that charges via USB port adapter which is included with purchase.

Each JUUL device features a 200 milliamp built-in battery for power on the go. Each of their pods features 0.7 milliliters of nicotine liquid. The nicotine strength options for these pods are either 3% or 30 milligram and 5% or 50 milligrams.

I personally enjoy the Mint Juul Pods because they nail the experience of menthol analog cigarettes. Simple, ready to use right out of the box. The JUUL is among the easiest e-cigs to use. While they offer several flavor profiles to enjoy, there are many third party brands who offer compatible products. From charging cases, to a large number of flavored pods not available directly from this brand. Expanding the way you enjoy the experience can start right here and we can save you money.

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