Innokin vape technologies is responsible for many of the innovative leap forwards in vaping. With a long standing lineup of products, the company has ties to many successful transitions into vaping. Personally my own journey is tied to their earliest products.

As one of the early budget friendly brands, millions around the planet have found success in quitting smoking with cheaper quality products. Industry recognized box mods, vape tanks, and coil technology.

Launched in 2011, Innokin quickly gained popularity backed by energetic and creative engineers. One of the first vape brands to invest heavily into research and development. This investment paid off quickly and had created a standard for what consumers expect from vape hardware manufacturers. I personally continue to recommend their brand to family and friends. I trust them to offer great value to the public and support their continued efforts.

Take the journey along with the many who can tie their success story to this company. Easy to use products with a wide range of features to fit any need you may have. Products that don’t feel like a science experiment but instead feel natural and familiar.

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