Dinner Lady E-Liquid

Dinner Lady E-Liquid is a United Kingdom brand of e-juice that is now sold in over 80 countries. With a stellar team focused on marketing and an energetic team of marketers the brand stormed onto the scene. Yet what is marketing and branding without quality? Well, they nailed that even more.

From it's first introduction into the U.S. market the brand's signature product Lemon Tart became a phenomenon. It turned this European brand into a household name practically overnight. With millions of former smokers who have now tried their offerings and tens of thousands of reviews they continue to expand globally.

Their new lines Summer and Tuck Shop have also joined the ranks of best-selling vape liquids. Dinner Lady E-Liquid's new CBD products will soon join them as well. So put down the inferior brands and pick up something extraodinary to share with the world.

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