Avid Hemp

Avid Hemp

Avid Hemp is a premier manufacturer and distributor of CBD oils and other CBD related products. Established in 2017, but its origins date back many years when its founders began advocating for research into hemp’s medicinal value.

When the legal climate allowed companies to begin selling CBD and other hemp-derived therapies, Avid Hemp already had more than 20 years of passionate research and advocacy to inform their vision.

Superior organic hemp is just the start. Just as hemp can be grown in any number of conditions, CBD can be extracted from raw hemp using a variety of methods. Some quick-and-dirty extraction procedures simply get the job done, albeit with a bit of chemical residue; others are highly inefficient, producing only fractions of the total CBD available. Avid Hemp, though, doesn’t cut corners.

To provide our customers with the highest-quality organic CBD products on the market, Avid Hemp uses the painstaking CO2 extraction method. CO2 extraction is the cleanest and most precise approach available, producing high-quality, full-spectrum organic CBD oil without using chemicals or corrupting the final product with chemical residue. The result is a full range of the purest CBD products available.

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