Aspire Breeze AIO Kit $14.00

Aspire Breeze AIO Kit $14.00
Aspire Breeze AIO Kit $14.00

Aspire Breeze AIO Kit is a neat, compact e-cig kit with a sleek design made of aluminum alloy.  It is lightweight and has a non-slip feature that makes it easy to hold because of its ergonomic design.  With its small size, you can easily slip it into your pocket.

Filling the Aspire Breeze is simple.  You just have to take off the mouthpiece and use the flip side to unscrew the chimney and thread the coil head. The vape tank has a 2ml juice capacity, and you can keep refilling it to the max line, with your preferred e-juice.  The tank is filled from the top by unscrewing and removing the cartridge. The Aspire Breeze has a U-tech coil which is unique to this ecig device.  The U-shaped dual chamber heads increase flavor by sending air with a better flow to the coil and back to the user.  The 0.6-ohm coil is used to help ensure a steady flavorful vape.

The vape is easy to use as its auto-fire feature is an additional characteristic that gives you the advantage of just inhaling from the drip tip, instead of using the fire button.  You must remember to charge up your Aspire Breeze by using the charging dock or from the Micro-USB charging port to realize its maximum charge.  An exceptional feature of the tank is that it will let you know the status of your battery as you use your device.

The window lights violet when full or red when it is time to charge. Get your Aspire Breeze today and enjoy with your vaping community!

Features and Specs:

  • Aluminium Alloy Breeze Tank

  • 0.6-ohm coil

  • Micro USB Cable

  • 2.0ml tank capacity

  • 650mAh battery capacity

  • Breeze device

  • Available colors: red, blue, grey, green and black

Aspire Breeze AIO Kit $14.00