Are The Days Of Big Cloud Vaping Over?

Like most of you, I started in the early days of vaping where the average atomizer was something called at C4E Tank which was practically a disposable tank due to its tendency to not behave well with citrus based flavors. I have seen the tide turn on vaping in a fashion that has been very similar to the way the web arrived and never left. Over that time the technology has grown vastly and new waves of innovative brands pushed it all at what sometimes feels like light speed. Fast forward about 6 years in total and here we are facing potentially another shift in vaping habits. The pod mod. While the pod mod isn’t new to the world of vaping. The past two years has seen an incredible growth in its adoption rate. Something like 50% of new vapers is using pod mods and something like 40% of established vapers have at least tried or own one of these devices. So the question begs is vaping tech going the way of the cellphone?

I ask this question because much like vape hardware, cell phones started out inefficient, sometimes clunky, and expensive to own. The similarities in the pricing decrease of both categories in the marketplace have a similar curve. Where once a starter kit could run you north of $60, units in the $20 price range from big manufacturers can be found, quite often right here on this website.

In Conclusion:

As more and more smokers transition into vaping the market continues to shift into ultra-portable technology. Even the biggest skeptic has to have noticed by now that pod mods both open and closed systems are everywhere. More so than 100 plus watt units and it has forced the hands of companies. Those still developing their pod mods to provide us with sub ohm tanks that rival the RDA experience. Companies like Smok have followed the lead of industry juggernaut JUUL by providing more cost effective alternatives. Between JUUL and Suorin and now Lost Vape with its Orion Pod System. These companies are changing the way we vape.

While there will always be the need for big cloud vaping, it’s day in the mainstream is potentially over and likely shifting to something you enjoy at home. As we’ve also seen cloud competitions are rare these days and that’s also kind of telling. Especially since it’s one of few social events in vaping. As the technology improves and the efficiency of nicotine delivery becomes more effective. We draw closer to seeing less of big cloud vaping. So Are The Days Of Big Cloud Vaping Over? Likely not.