Alternativ E-Liquid Omega Review

Alternativ E-Liquid OMEGA Review

Boom and we are back with another review. We’ve got an abundance of reviews on their way covering a bunch of products in different categories. Today we are looking at Omega by Alternativ E-Liquid. Alternative E-Liquid is manufactured with salt based nicotine which I personally find to provide a very clean nicotine hit and actually feel like the nicotine is better absorbed.

Omega by Alternativ E-Liquid features a mixture of pineapple, strawberry, lemonade, and a shot menthol. While the menthol is definitely not overpowered it’s there but more as an asset than a dominant force. I am a fan of menthol ejuices so this is a nice change of pace where the menthol really isn’t the most present thing in the mix.

Typically I’m not big on strawberry but in this case, it offers a natural sweetener. This means you don’t end up with coil degradation. After seven days with the same cotton and coils on a squonk mod, my cotton looks as fresh it did on day two. That is saying something huge about this product. You are not being smacked by a ton of artificial satisfaction.


Clean, precisely mixed, and with a great nicotine quality. The overall experience is one that evolves which is fun. I dial the watts down to 70 and I get more flavor of one fruit. Dial it to my normal 90 watts and all flavors pop up evenly. Dial it up to 120 and you get a hot vape with plenty of character and a mosh pit of fruit flavors fighting to win you over. Part of great value in ejuice is how a liquid refuses to get boring because it changes its delivery.

The experience from one puff to the next but the key point is that all of those variations have to be spot on great. Omega definitely does that and we can say that because we pay for our products and are not influenced by sales, ads, or sponsorship. Alternativ if you are somehow reading this kudos to you. Readers try this if you can find it on sale. You will love it if you love Naked 100.