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The Vaper Deals about us page. We are the vaper deals, a community of writers and deals enthusiasts who actually vape. TVD was launched in 2017 as a tribute to The Steaming Wick which was launched in 2014 by my good friend Arnie. Arnie introduced me to vaping on Reddit as part of a vape e-commerce company he joined. His advice helped me through the entire journey. As a vaping enthusiast I was at a crossroads in my career and he suggests I venture into blogging. Thus this website came to be.

My name is David Myers and I have been cigarette free for the past three and a half years. We share the latest hardware deals, vape juice deals, vaping news, and even recently a vape price comparison engine. Now you can compare prices on anything related to vaping at any time and find the lowest price.

Team Member: David Myers

David Myers
David Myers

I previously edited books and manuscripts, shortly after college I attempted to write and publish my first knowledge but quickly grew disillusioned with the publishing business. I began my addiction to cigarettes at the age of 16 as part of the cool kids and by the time I left college, I could not live without nearly a pack of smokes a day. My journey with vaping has not been very long but it has been one of growth and understanding of addiction. I was very fortunate to have the help of a friend who has helped literally thousands of vapers with his time and out of his own pocket become former smokers. This friend also taught me plenty about SEO and encouraged me to use my journey to help others however I can.

I launched TVD using my own money and while we do receive some compensation through affiliate sales we do not and will never accept money from manufacturers directly. I love the vaping community and I love technology. Every morning I wake up feeling fortunate to work discussing two of my favorite things in life. I hope our work continues to help you and others on your journeys to be smoke-free. Below you can learn a little bit more about us.


Team Member: Belinda Scott-Friedman

Belinda Scott - Author and Reporter
Belinda Scott – Author and Reporter

I was very fortunate to meet David at a vape convention in Connecticut two years ago. We were both interviewing vape companies and kept running into each other. We started discussing what brought us into vaping and we realized our stories were very similar. Vaping has not just provided me a profession but it has also impacted my family. My father, who provided for his family as a long-distance hauler had grown into being a two-pack a  day smoker. This combined with weight gain placed his life in great jeopardy. David introduced me to Arnie who did a one on one consultation with my father. He convinced him to give vaping a chance and even sent us a care package. Between my monitoring and setting up his devices, the three of us got him completely off cigarettes.

Since then my father has become a loud voice for vaping rights across Rhode Island and has gone on to help others beat their addiction as he has. Two years into my own journey I have met hundreds of vapers, hundreds of industry employees and countless vape company owners. All who have come to be part of the vaping community indirectly via seeking help for a loved one or as a smoker looking to live.


Team Member: Susan Sasso

Susan Sasso
Susan Sasso

I am Susan, the mom of the group. As someone in their forties, I smoked for the better part of two decades. My battles with traditional cigarettes led me to try every smoking cessation tool on the market. I even went as far as trying hypnosis, nothing stuck. I would stop for a period of time and find my way right back at the store purchasing a new pack. Vaping came into my life almost by accident, a friend who visited from London left her vape behind and I started toying with it.

A few days later I realized I had not picked up a cigarette that entire day. I kept at it and within a few months, I had taught myself how to operate, refill, and even do maintenance of the device. What led me to TVD was a job posting for an author and with my newfound excitement for the industry, I dove headfirst and joined this wonderful team of young spirited writers. The most rewarding part of being part of this community is the comments from you the readers about our articles. Thank you for being so wonderful.


Honorable Team Member Mentions:

  • Eli Rothstein – Photography
  • Maria Marquez – Support Team Lead
  • Michael F – Support Team Junior
  • Branda Gallagher – Public Relations
  • XxunknownXX – Programmer/Developer
  • Melvin Waters – Intern
  • Tyrek Brown – Fills in for everyone

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