Sugar Hill E-Liquid

25% Off Sugar Hill E-Liquid 120ml $10.49

25% Off Sugar Hill E-Liquid 120ml $10.49. Hands down one of my favorite companies that makes juice. Sugar Hill E-Liquid is a guilty little secret kept among those who’ve tried them. Drop for drop one of the best line-ups of juice we’ve ever encountered. How much do I love them? I’m not even including an affiliate link! If you have ever loved supporting the little guy and brands that make better juice than the big premium brands this is your chance to try them out. $10.49 for their basics line or $14.99 for their premium line of 60ml, you cannot go wrong. Below are my recommendations.

  • Mangochurrian: This makes every other mango on the  market seem like bath water by comparison. A rich mango experience without the fillers.
  • Grape Central Station: This is the product that introduced me to this brand, before it was part of the basics line this thing was always sold out at every vape shop I kow that carries it and it still continues to be the talk among friends for its amazing nailing of grapes.
  • Morning Glory: Literally nothing else on the market matches this and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is on a bet. A bavarian cream donut with the finest chocolate EVER provided in vaping.

25% Off Sugar Hill E-Liquid